Relationship Problems

Chicago Therapist for Relationship Problems

Relationship problems are common because relationships are hard; but, you’re not alone. We understand that successful relationships of all kinds are foundational to mental health and wellbeing. When your relationships aren’t working, it’s easy to feel stuck, confused, and frustrated.

  • Does it seem like you chase the wrong people?
  • Feel like you’re too much or not enough?
  • Are you tired of feeling alone?
  • Do you feel like you’ll never find the right person?
  • Feel unheard?

While romantic relationships aren’t for everyone, it’s crucial that they are successful for those that want them.

Relationship therapists can help you identify the patterns that keep you stuck.  Maybe you’re attracted to a “type” that doesn’t meet your needs? Or, you find yourself in clingy and codependent relationships? Maybe you’ve experienced betrayal, relationship trauma, or just struggle to trust? When faced with relationship problems, it’s easy to feel stuck.  Our Lakeview relationship therapists can help you develop insight into your feelings and the ways that they influence your actions. If you’re looking for a relationship therapist in Chicago, Tandem Psychology may be the solution for you.

Wanting love and struggling to find it can make you feel sad, lonely, and confused.  Maybe you feel chronically single or as though there is no match for you? Our past relationships and histories impact these feelings and our behavioral patterns.  If these feelings follow from a long list of failed relationships or you have never been as close to anyone as you’ve desired, your past might be impacting how you see your future and act now.  Relationship therapy can help you untangle your feelings and address previous experiences that are impacting you now.

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