Mindfulness Counseling in Chicago

Mindfulness counseling approaches can support you through all of life's ups and down, even the big ones. You’ve probably experienced times when it felt like everything was going just right. Maybe you felt connected and supported by others, you and your loved ones were healthy, and you had dreams for the future. And, you’ve probably also had times when it felt like everything was falling apart. Maybe you were going through a breakup or divorce, experienced grief of a loved one's death, were fired or unsatisfied with your work, or felt alienated by the need to come out as LGBT+ or queer. In these times, it’s healthy to reach out for the support of a trusted and experienced individual therapist.

There are many reasons that you may seek mindfulness-based individual therapy. Maybe you're drawn to the non-judgmental nature of the work? Are looking for practical strategies to respond to various situations? Are you struggling with a mental health condition?

Whatever the catalyst to seek mindfulness-based individual therapy in Chicago, we're here to help.

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