EMDR Therapist in Chicago

Our past traumas, whether big or small, can be triggered by everyday events - EMDR therapy can help!

EMDR therapy (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) understands that our memories, and the associated learning, are important to our wellbeing. As we move through life, we process experiences and encode them into memories. When an experience is successfully processed, whether it is positive or negative, it is stored in a healthy way that integrates it with similar experiences we’ve previously had.

Unfortunately, adverse life conditions and events can cause our systems to become overwhelmed and lead to inadequately processed and maladaptively stored memories - trauma. These incorrectly stored experiences can be triggered by similar stimuli in the present day, making us feel and react as though you are in the same situation as the past. An EMDR therapist in Chicago can help you reprocess those traumas (i.e., old, incorrectly stored memories) so that you are more free to respond to the current situation and not the past.

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